Delicious, authentic Ethiopian food

From around the world to Chapel Hill, NC, Queen of Sheba’s Ethiopian Restaurant is a unique, nutritious and delicious dining experience.

Come to Queen of Sheba and experience tasty, authentic and nutritious food with a range of menu items including injera, meat, vegetarian, vegan dishes and more! Note that gluten-free injera is available – call ahead to request yours if desired.
Served in the traditional Ethiopian style or on individual plates, as preferred.

Ethiopian Coffee

Yes, we serve the best coffee in the world: Ethiopian Coffee. We also offer Coffee Ceremonies here at Sheba’s. Find out more about the origin of coffee, the meaning of a coffee ceremony and how it is conducted in this wonderful video.

Vegan and vegetarian entrees

Ethiopian fare includes many vegetarian and vegan dishes. These unique, delicious dishes include spices that are pleasant enhancements to the flavors of the food. This means Sheba’s offers excellent, nutritious food has a range of flavors and spiciness to suit everyone’s preferences. For those of you who prefer a spicy dish, Queen of Sheba’s offers this as well.

Gluten-free injera available, too

Sheba’s will gladly prepare gluten-free injera for you to enjoy with your meal. Please call 15 minutes ahead of your arrival with this request and Sheba’s will prepare this special order for you.

Delicious ingredients with a range of flavors and spices

Queen of Sheba offers meals with beef, lamb, dairy and chicken as well as vegetarian/vegan fare. All dishes are simmered with delicious spices and seasonings designed to delight every palate.